Villanova Graduate Tax Program Overview

Choose from two online graduate-level tax degrees. Whether you’re interested in our Master of Laws in Taxation or Master of Taxation, you can earn a credential that helps immerse you in the interdisciplinary nature of modern tax law and can help specialize your knowledge in accounting and law. Presenter: Leslie Book, Professor of Law  
Video Transcript: Leslie Book: One of the distinguishing features of the Villanova Graduate Tax Program is that it consists of both a Masters in Tax and Masters in Law Program so the practice of tax often times involves the intersection of both professions, both lawyers and accountants. And to succeed as a tax professional you need to be able to speak both languages, and the ability to come together in a classroom setting allows accountants to be more comfortable with lawyers as well as lawyers to be more comfortable with accountants. We’ve also designed the program from the beginning of the program to allow for accountants to have a separate breakout session where they will be trained by lawyers, by a member of the law faculty who can talk to them and instruct them about how you need to think about tax issues from a legal perspective, And we have a separate breakout session for lawyers that is directed by accountants — so lawyers are instructed in main accounting disciplines and main accounting principles and it allows for both professions to come together and then throughout the rest of the program the professions come together within the same classroom setting. So, students who put the time in and work their way through the Villanova Graduate Tax Program obviously gain an important credential and these days the job market is challenging and in order to succeed and advance within a profession often times a distinguishing feature is a credential such as an LLM or an MT degree and the reputation and the rigor of the Villanova Graduate Tax Program will allow students to, in many cases, have leg up over competitors as they work their way either advancing within an existing corporation or existing company–or if they choose to move on to try something different and apply the skills and knowledge in a different setting. End