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Why businesses are investing in predictive analytics

Every business leader wishes it was possible to see into the future, discovering the best ways to invest capital and resources while positioning an organization for long-term growth. The next best thing is drawing on a detailed understanding of what happened in the past to extrapolate the opportunities that lie ahead. Predictive analytics allows organizations […]

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Career spotlight: Management analyst

Graduates from an online master’s of analytics program could use their big data skills in a career as a management analyst or consultant.

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Big data and the future of health care

Graduates with a master’s of science in analytics can be important assets to health care organizations interested in leveraging big data.

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What a CFO does and what it takes to be one

As the individual tasked with keeping a company’s fiscal affairs in order, a chief financial officer is crucial to the organization’s overall success and long-term growth. In a business world increasingly driven by data analytics and predictive insights, the impact of these leaders has only become more pronounced. Consequently, many professionals are interested in pursuing […]

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Why statisticians are in demand

Business is driven by the numbers, and that’s more true in the era of big data than ever before. Statisticians are in demand at a wide range of organizations today. These experts have the knowledge and skills to gather and analyze complex data sets, allowing leaders to plan more effectively and companies to run more […]

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What do today’s businesses need to know about consumers?

Analytics is rapidly transforming every aspect of how businesses understand and interact with their customers. Big data has endless potential for providing companies with invaluable knowledge about people’s needs, desires and behavior. The ability to store vast amounts of quantitative information and build strategy from those findings allows organizations to reach audiences more effectively with […]

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How analytics has transformed marketing

Graduates with a master’s in business analytics bring valuable strategic insights to marketing and promotions.

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Three major IT trends that all analytics students must know

Graduates with a business analytics master’s show know the latest shifts in information technology, such as an emphasis on meeting business needs and enhanced security.

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how international experience MBA
How international experience can lead to business success

Taking advantage of chances to gain international experience while earning an online MBA helps to develop important skills for building a career.

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tips for climbing the corporate ladder MBA
Tips for climbing the corporate ladder in your workplace

Earning an online MBA degree can lead to workplace advancement, along with finding opportunities, expanding on skills, networking and demonstrating results.

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increasing importance of data MBA
The increasing importance of data for growing your business

Students in online MBA programs will discover that gathering and analyzing data is a vital part of strategizing for growth in today’s business environment.

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How to get the most value out of your network
How to get the most value out of your network

Beginning with online MBA programs, professionals should strive to cultivate high-value professional network that includes people with diverse strengths.

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What are the skills that matter in international business
What are the skills that matter in international business?

Online MBA courses give professionals a chance to learn about the strategies, technology and cultural differences that are essential to doing business on an international scale.

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Six tips for long-term business success

Graduates from online MBA programs are on the path to a successful career, but they must continue to look for opportunities to grow as individuals and push their organizations forward.

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When it's time for change in an organization
When it’s time for change in an organization

Graduates from online MBA programs should be prepared for the fast pace of business changes, seizing chances for improvement and using analytics to look ahead.

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Five reasons to attend Villanova’s MSA program

Big data and analytics have created a large impact in many industries. Decode data, discover patterns, & deliver results with an Analytics Master's Degree.

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Chief data officers: The next big opportunity for analytics professionals

A leader with a data analytics master’s can find a place at the top levels of an organization as a chief data officer, responsible for enterprise-wide use of quantitative information.

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Four tips for making the most of your MBA program

An online MBA program presents students with countless unique opportunities.

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How businesses can give back to their communities

Giving back to your community or a good cause will make your customers and employees happy.

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The leadership skills that count in business

Curious what skills you need to succeed in business? Here are some examples.

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Four strategies to achieve better collaboration in business

Villanova MBA graduates with a specialization in strategic management can find success in a variety of roles, including operations manager and chief operating officer.

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measuring the value- MSA
Measuring the value of analytics skills and strategies in business

A master’s in data analytics provides the knowledge, skills and strategic awareness to find value in the information gathered by an organization.

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A look ahead for analytics technology’s place in IT security

Specialists with data analytics master’s degrees can make valuable contributions to protecting an organization’s sensitive information from attacks and breaches.

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Analytics professionals are critical to successful use of big data

A data analytics master's program prepares professionals to take on a wide range of essential roles, such as developer, data scientist or big-data engineer.

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Insights into action: Drawing the connection between analytics investment and success

Experts who hold a master’s in business analytics can offer information that brings great long-term rewards for a company with the right resources and strategies.

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career paths MSA
Career paths: Where will your Master of Science in Analytics take you?

With a master’s in analytics, you have many options for pursuing a great career as a data scientist, engineer or analyst.

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How is automation transforming analytics
How is automation transforming analytics?

Businesses are exploring the possibilities of automating more processes, creating job opportunities for professionals with a data analytics master’s degree.

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big data iot
Big-data professionals and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is creating new business opportunities for organizations and data-driven positions for graduates with an online master’s in analytics.

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What the rise of artificial intelligence means for data specialists

Earning a master’s in business analytics online could be a big step toward finding a career in applying artificial intelligence advances to important business problems.

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10 important soft skills developed by MBA students

Students in online MBA programs learn essential skills like leadership, communication, teamwork, cross-cultural competency, flexibility, self-awareness and resilience.

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The knowledge and skills you gain from an MBA program may help you stand out when applying for your next position.
Five steps to nailing your next interview

The interview is your best chance to prove your worth to potential employers. These five tips will help you ace it.

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The benefits of an MBA with an analytics specialization

Earning an MBA degree online with a specialization in analytics will give you the tools you need to draw on big data, finding insights and creating smarter business strategies.

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The importance of seeing the big picture in business

As part of earning an MBA degree online, students develop an awareness of how their efforts fit into a larger mission and the skills to construct long-term strategies.

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Modern applications for a Master of Science in Analytics
Career outcomes for a Master of Science in Analytics

Completing a data-analytics master’s degree could prepare you for a wide range of careers...

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The evolving analytics sector, and why the Villanova MSA may be right for you
The evolving analytics sector, and why the Villanova MSA may be right for you

What is the current state of the analytics sector? The industry is evolving...

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Four tips for adding prestige to a resume with an MBA

Earning an MBA teaches you the advanced skills, theoretical perspectives and strategic approaches you need to excel in a leadership role for a wide range of businesses. The degree also puts a noteworthy line on your resume when you’re ready to take the next step in your career. Of course, it takes more than those three letters […]

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Is it possible to return to school and balance work
Is it possible to return to school and balance work?

Earning a master’s of science in analytics while working is a challenge, but with the right strategies you can learn the skills to take the next step in your career.

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Career spotlightBigdata architect 1
Career spotlight: Big-data architect

Completing an online master’s in data analytics could be the first step to a career as a big-data architect, finding the best ways to store and process vital information.

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Career spotlight IT data scientist
Career spotlight: IT data scientist

A data analytics master’s degree can lead to work as an IT data scientist. These professionals gather, scrub, analyze and visualize crucial business information.

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Important tips for applying to the Villanova MSA program
Important tips for applying to the Villanova MSA program

Check out some helpful tips to improve your chance of admission.

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What are soft skills and why does every MBA grad need them
What are soft skills, and why does every MBA grad need them?

Learning soft skills, such as communication and problem-solving, is an important part of earning an online MBA degree and finding success in your career...

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10 apps perfect for MBA students

If you are currently an MBA student—or plan on earning your master's degree in the near future—you may want to consider downloading one or more of these helpful apps that could enhance your educational experience...

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When pursuing an MBA makes sense in your career

The Master of Business Administration is an extremely popular graduate degree in the US and abroad...

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Professional using laptop
Demand for big data professionals drives job openings

The field of big data has grown exponentially in recent times...

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MBA students looking their Pokemon GO apps on the phone
What can be learned from the MBA grad who created Pokémon Go

It is the dream of every entrepreneur: to come up with an idea that puts his or her name on the map...

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mba image 33
The 12 skills an MBA grad needs to succeed as an entrepreneur

Earning a Master of Business Administration degree is an important step in gaining the skills and knowledge...

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mba 2
Effective steps to becoming a CEO

Typically, the most senior executive within an organization is the chief executive officer...

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Tips for negotiating compensation at the executive level

Studying for an MBA degree can be the first step on your journey to the C-suite...

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Director coaches his executive team during meeting
Career spotlight: Human resources manager

A MBA degree gives students a comprehensive education in everything from finance to marketing to management and human resources...

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mba 1
Career spotlight: Financial advisor

Studying for an MBA degree can prepare you for a number of high-powered and lucrative career paths across a range of industries...

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Data analytics trends to look for in 2017

Data analytics is now a common aspect of business practice across an array of industries...

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Five important steps to take before you transition to a career in analytics

Data analytics has become routine practice across an array of industries in recent years.

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From the classroom to the C-suite: Five ways an MBA can prepare you for an executive role

It’s no secret that earning an MBA can open a number of professional doors and increase earning potential.

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artclie 2
Profiling success: Seven renowned CEOs with MBAs

An MBA is designed to prepare students for roles in upper management, particularly in large corporations.

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Four ways an MBA can help you start up your own business

Many prospective candidates apply to a Master of Business Administration program to open up a greater number of career doors ...

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Career spotlight: Health Services Manager

Earning an MBA degree can prepare you for managerial roles in an array of industries...

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How an MSA degree can prepare you for a career in politics

Data analytics is a revolutionary approach to business that is growing in prevalence across an array of industries...

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Online analytics tools all prospective MSA students should know

If you are considering applying to a Master of Science in Analytics program, it is important to have knowledge of how data can be used to grow business.

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seo image
Career spotlight: SEO specialist

Virtually every business or organization has some form of online presence...

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girl 2 image
Five ways an MSA degree can prepare you for a career in marketing analytics

Big data analytics has gained traction across the business world in recent times, thanks in no small part to the boom in digital platforms.

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Career Spotlight: Data Analyst

In today’s digital age, the interpretation of data has become a crucial practice, implemented across an array of industries...

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Applying for an MBA? You’ll need the GMAT 101

Opting to return to school to earn a Master of Business Administration degree is a smart move to expand your career opportunities.

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Industry Spotlight: The Benefits of a Career in Finance

Internationally revered, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an advanced degree that can lead to professional growth...

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Five Benefits of Completing Your MSA Online

The practice of data analytics is one of the most significant contemporary trends in the world of business.

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Use Your MSA in These Top States for Aanalytics Careers

One of the most in-demand new career paths involves big data analytics.

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Three Promising Career Trajectories for MSA Graduates

In the digital age, data analytics has become an important practice in the world of global business.

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Five Ways an MBA Degree Can Prepare You for a Career in Marketing

A master’s of business administration (MBA) degree is a comprehensive course of study designed to educate students in economics...

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Five Ways That an MSA Degree Can Prepare You for a Leadership Role in Human Resources

A master’s of science in analytics (MSA) degree is a contemporary program developed in response to the rapid global rise of technology...

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Does an MBA Make You More Employable? Prospects for Graduates

A master’s of business administration (MBA) degree is a popular option for individuals looking to enhance their understanding of business.

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Is Now the Time? Seven Reasons Why an MBA Could Be the Right Choice for You

A master’s of business administration (MBA) is an advanced degree that allows students to deepen and refine their knowledge of business.

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vsb blog p2
Why Analytics Professionals Are in High Demand

Advancements in technology, the Internet and social media have allowed businesses to capture greater amounts of quantitative data than ever before.

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vil blog
Ways Technology Has Changed Business Administration

When asked to name a big data company, most people would think of an Internet giant like Amazon, Facebook or PayPal first, but big data is quickly becoming...

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Less Conventional Career Fields for the MBA Graduate

While your MBA degree can lead to a promising career in traditional fields like investment banking or consulting, many MBA graduates prefer to choose...

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MS in Analytics
Three Unexpected Ways to Use Your MSA

As businesses place increasingly higher priorities on technical innovation and integration, developing your skills ...

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Villanova Online MBA Student Spotlight: Frank Kuylen

U.S. Army officer Frank Kuylen sought a way to prepare for his post-military career and found his footing in Villanova’s online MBA ...

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Things Every Business Person Should Know About Analytics

In December 2013, Forbes published an article titled, “What Every CEO Needs to Know About Data Analytics,” with the primary assertion that...

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Top Career Opportunities for Today’s MBAs

The MBA has become the most popular advanced degree in the United States, accounting for more than a quarter of all advanced degrees obtained, ...

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Villanova Online MSA Student Spotlight: Arup Das

Professional leaders from all over the world are discovering the value of Villanova’s online MSA program. That includes Arup Das, ...

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The Growing Importance of Business Analytics

At the 2015 Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit, the catchphrase was “analytics portfolio.” ...

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Compare MBA Programs: Online vs On-Ground

View and evaluate our online and on-ground MBA program formats.

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Villanova Online MBA Student Spotlight: Nicole Young

In a short question-and-answer session, we asked Nicole about the value of earning her MBA online at Villanova.

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Villanova Online MSA Student Spotlight: Sarah Burgos

We asked MSA student Sarah Burgos about the value of earning her MSA online at Villanova, and her path ahead as an analyst.

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How Social Media Helps Capture Quantifiable Data

“Big data without the right math-based analytics is a big problem,” said Wes Nichols, CEO of MarketShare, in Analytics Magazine ...

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Top Technologies and Trends Changing Analytics

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” said British inventor and science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke ...

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The Evolution of Data Collection and Analytics

The shift in the way companies work has been so significant over the past decade that, according to the Harvard Business Review, people who have been ...

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Examples of Big Data at Work

Data is a powerful marketing tool, but many companies estimate that they only analyze 12 percent of the data at their disposal.

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mba image business leaders
Tips for Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

Whether you are just embarking on the path to obtaining your MBA or you’re a savvy entrepreneur — or both — you belong to the group...

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Wider variety of corporate departments need analytics professionals

Graduates from a business analytics master’s program can offer important strategic insights in many different corporate departments, from IT to logistics.

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How to build a professional network

Networking is an essential ingredient in any professional career, and it might be easier and more valuable than you realize.

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Career spotlight: Financial manager

Monitoring and directing the financial well-being of a company is a complex job. For a business to reach its goals, it needs experts tasked with maintaining its records, guiding investment strategy and watching market trends. Financial managers make a vital contribution to a variety of organizations, from banks to hospitals, providing the knowledge and insights […]

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How data changed the face of customer engagement

Businesses use the insights they glean from analytics in a variety of ways. Gathering large amounts of quantitative information is the first step in improving logistics, maximizing worker utilization and plotting out long-term investments. However, big data also has a vital role to play in improving interactions between organizations and their customers. Analytics has revolutionized […]

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Why data models lead to smarter business intelligence
Why data models lead to smarter business intelligence

Today’s businesses are able to capture, house and examine tremendous amounts of data, thanks to cloud storage and analytics tools. Robust data models allow organizations to optimize processes and plan for expansion. Creating data models for business intelligence and putting them into action takes advanced expertise. Analytics-driven businesses need professionals who know big-data tools and […]

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Every MSA student is a success story at VSB.

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MSA student Nathan Coates shares his exceptional student experience with Villanova’s top-ranked online program.

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With the limitless amount of data, VSB's online MSA offers a limitless future.

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Learn more about the analytic tools used in VSB's top-ranked online MSA program.

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There are three distinguishing elements of VSB's world-class online MBA— our academic reputation, the quality of our faculty and the Villanova community.

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VSB's Global Practicum offers MBA students the opportunity to apply their education in a real world setting.

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VSB's online MBA is taught by the same expert faculty as our top-ranked campus program. Students and faculty are easily able to connect at any time from anywhere.

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Learn more about the high-caliber students that distinguish VSB's online MBA program.

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OMBA student Ann Nikolaus shares her exceptional student experience with Villanova's online program.

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Chelsea Scullin, Villanova Online MBA student, shares her experience with the global practicum immersion trip to Prague and the benefits of the program.

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Originally presented September 28, 2016 Transcript: Beth Emperor:            Welcome to the Villanova School of Business online MBA information session.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us this evening.  My name is Beth Emperor and in addition to moderating tonight’s presentation, I am also an enrollment advisor for the […]

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Originally presented September 29, 2016 Transcript: Beth Emperor:            Welcome to the Villanova School of Business online MSA information session.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us this evening.  My name is Beth Emperor and I will be your moderator for tonight’s presentation.  All participants are in listen only […]

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Watch as Villanova faculty outline the demand for skilled analysts and explain why there’s never been a better time ...

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Learn how Villanova’s online Master of Business Administration (MBA) attracts the best scholars and students to bring the vibrant on-­campus ...

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The online MSA can help your build a foundation in analytics in just one semester. Graduate in 2 years and use your knowledge in a business context.

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Learn more about how you can immerse yourself in our diverse, driven MBA program.

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Learn more about our financial aid process and resources for the online MBA and MSA programs.

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Interested in learning more about the online MSA? Listen to faculty and staff discuss VSB’s comprehensive and applied approach to analytics ...

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Want to further understand what makes the online MBA from VSB unique? Listen to a program information session in which faculty and staff offer an ...

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The Center for Business Analytics is the hub of the online MSA. Learn about how you can benefit from the three pillars ...

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Our online MSA program offers an impressive faculty that is dedicated to your success and available ...

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View our latest infographics on interesting industry topics.

Social Entrepreneurship: Growing Business With A Purpose

How social entrepreneurs contribute to change and innovation in professions like health, enterprise development, education and the environment.

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Building an Analytics Team From the Ground Up
Building an Analytics Team From the Ground Up

Collection, analysis and consumption of relevant market data are key to business success. That is why entrepreneurs, investors and business managers need to invest in an analytics team to help them analyze and leverage data. A great analytics team can give a business an edge over the competition. As the data industry continues to expand […]

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How Marketers Use Data Analytics to Reach New and Existing Customers

Big data and analytics can help a business predict consumer behavior, improve decision-making across the board and determine the ROI of its marketing efforts. By addressing these aspects adequately, the business would not only be able to protect its market share, but also expand into new territories. Below is a detailed look at this topic. […]

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The Talent Gap In Data Analytics

The amount of data generated annually has grown tremendously over the last two decades due to increased web connectivity, as well as the ever-growing popularity of internet-enabled mobile devices. Some organizations have found it difficult to take advantage of the data at their disposal due to a shortage of data-analytics experts. Primarily, small-to-medium enterprises (SMBs) […]

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When Big Data Doesn’t Work

The use of big data is no longer a strategy for advanced and technologically innovative companies to gain a competitive edge. It is a necessity for all businesses across all industries. Collecting data is not enough; businesses need to understand how to translate their data into competitive strategies and advantages. It is only then that […]

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Shift in Consumer Spending: What’s Next for E-Commerce?

While consumer spending continues to increase, brick and mortar stores are seeing a decline in sales. So where is all the money going? Research has shown that consumers are doing most of their shopping on the internet. Online retailers are enjoying record sales. The question many people are asking is, what is the future of […]

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How Culture and Collaboration Can Increase Employee Engagement

Disengaged employees are one of the top reasons why businesses fail, why office culture becomes toxic, why companies lose their competitive edge and why many startups’ become apathetic and prone to failure. Not only do disengaged employees negatively affect the workplace, but they will cost companies more than $2,000 per employee per year. A survey […]

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What They Did Before Success

Certain fundamentals are key to your business education beyond your MBA degree. These fundamentals include characteristics like persistence, drive and the determination to keep going in the face of adversity. For instance, Elon Musk worked several low paying jobs before finding his entrepreneurial stride. Sara Blakely got her degree in communications and sold fax machines […]

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The Ethics of Big Data

Data collection is at record levels. Social media platforms, websites, and smartphones are just some examples of what most consumers use...

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How to Use Social Media to Expand Your Business

Social networks are a viable place to make connections and expand your business network. Here’s how to use these channels effectively.

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The Intersection of Science and Business

Big data has only just begun to help businesses operate more efficiently. See why there’s a demand for this data and for those who can transform ...

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How to Make It Big with Social Media

Get more details on making Twitter work for you and why analytics matter in “How to Make it Big with Social Media”

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Team Solidarity with a Remote Office

In our new infographic, learn the value of remote work, and how it can be extremely successful when managed correctly.

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Facebook’s Acquisitions on its Journey to Perfection

A multi-billion dollar company, Facebook’s business acquisitions have been successful and long-running. Learn the details in our new infographic.

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The Future of Business

Learn the value of Predictive Analytics for business in our latest infographic.

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Creating a culture of innovation in business

Business leaders in America appreciate and value innovation as an essential element of business. If companies wish to thrive they must continuously evolve.

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