Math isn’t just something you have to learn to pass tests in school. It’s something you’ll use every day of your life. Without math, we couldn’t measure things or count money. People need to know math to run a business and to keep track of their finances. Math is everywhere, and that’s why it’s so important we learn a lot of different math skills. Learning the math you need to know to get A’s in school or to go into business someday isn’t always fun, but it doesn’t have to be boring. There are a lot of free math, money, and business games online that can help you practice and master things like adding and subtracting, balancing a budget, and counting money. Play these fun games by yourself or with friends and you are sure to learn a lot. You’ll probably get a better grade on your next math test too! Money Games

  • Adding Money: Designed for kids who have just started learning about money, this game can help you add up money to know how much you have.
  • Carrot Money Game: Drop the carrot in the correct money hole and get your rabbit to eat until it is full.
  • Comparing Money Amounts: This game asks you to compare two different pictures of money to pick which group of coins is worth more.
  • Garage Sale Wizard: This game teaches money and business skills. Win by choosing the person who is offering the most money for the item.
  • Interactive Count Money Activity: Try out this tool to practice counting different amounts of money. You can use American money, or you can try something different by setting it to use British or Mexican money instead.
  • Learn Money: When you play this game, you can have fun while learning how to use exact change to pay for things.
  • Making Change: Using this game, you can learn how to make change using the fewest bills and coins possible.
  • Learn to Count Money: This is a fun game that teaches the basics of counting money using a drag-and-drop system.
  • Perry’s Pennies: The U.S. Mint offers this money game to help kids learn about how to keep track of and pay off debt.
  • Peter Pig’s Money Counter: This money game is particularly good for second-graders.

Business Games

  • Adventure Capitalist: The basics of investing money and building a company are taught in this fun game.
  • Be Your Own Boss: You can pick from several different companies to start and grow in this fun online game.
  • Building Rush 2: Figure out which construction projects will earn your company the most money, then send trucks to do the work. Make sure you save enough money to pay for what you need to keep working!
  • Business Is Blooming: Take control of this flower shop and make it into a successful business by creating the right combinations of flowers and selling them.
  • Cattle Tycoon: Play this game to learn about business by trying to run a ranch.
  • Factory Rush: Build a factory and earn a million dollars in this game about building and trade.
  • Fishtopia Tycoon 2: Build, maintain, and grow a fish-selling business in this fun game.
  • Theme Hotel: Older kids will enjoy this game, in which the challenge is to build and maintain a five-star hotel.
  • T-Shirt Stand: Could you run a T-shirt stand? This business game will help you answer that question.
  • Virtonomics: This multiplayer online game is good for older kids to learn the realities of the business world.

Math Games

  • Addition Matho: This math game is a great way to practice addition.
  • City Under Siege Decimals: Practice decimals with this fun game.
  • Demolition Division: Using division facts, blast away at advancing tanks to protect the fortress in this game.
  • Divide Blocks: In this simple math game, you can learn division by dividing up a set number of blocks in each problem.
  • Fraction Game: Learn how to use fractions in this game, which uses fractions to move markers across a board.
  • Fractions and Equivalence: This game helps you recognize fractions and know which ones are different ways of writing the same amount.
  • Lemonade Larry: Use multiplication skills in this math game to buy lemonade from Larry.
  • Orbit Integers: Older children will love this math game that uses math to move a spaceship.
  • Pearl’s World: Practice subtraction with this game about Pearl and her sweater.
  • Snork’s Long Division: In this game, kids can entertain a monster called Snork by solving long division problems.