Miron Wolnicki

Miron Wolnicki

Associate Professor, Economics

Photo of Miron Wolnicki

Bartley Hall Rm 2068
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Email: miron.wolnicki@villanova.edu
Phone: (610) 519-4384


MA, University of Lodz – Poland, 1973

PhD, University of Lodz – Poland, 1980


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  • 2019 (book chapter) Europe – Against the Tide, The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence, Denkart Europa, Nomos, Saarbrucken Europaeische Akademie Otzenhausen Stiftung, pp.105-113.
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  • Book chapter: Global Economy in Transition – The European Union and Beyond. Linda A. Winkler and Harold Codrinton, Vernon Pres, 2017.
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  • Recently published conference papers: The 3rd International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences, “The American Entrepreneurial State”, 2014 Sapporo, Japan, July 22-24.
  • Recently published conference papers: Shanghai International Conference on Social Sciences: “Pragmatism in American Economic-policy making”, August 19- 22, 2012, Shanghai,China
  • “Jobless Growth: A New Challenge for the Transition Economy of Poland” International Journal of Social Economics,vol. 33, no. 3 2006
  • “The Evolution of the Development Economics and Globalization” International Journal of Social Economics, vol. 31, no. 3 2004. The paper received the 2005 Literati Award for Excellence as an outstanding paper.
  • “Optimal Monetary Strategies for Central and East European EU Candidates,” New York Economic Review, Fall 2002,vol. XXXI.
  • “Lessons in Competitiveness for Polish Economy 2002,” Competition Strategy, Academy of Management, Lodz,2003
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  • Books co-author in Polish: Ekonomia Rozwoju (Development Economics,Poland, PWE 2007, 2008, 2011. Three editions)
  • “Monetary Consequences of the Central and Eastern European Admission to the EU,” The Schumann Institute of the European Union Institute Bulletin, Florence, Italy, 1998
  • “The CMEA Integration Under Gorbachev,” Research on The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Russian Research Center, Harvard University, Spring 1990

Honors and Awards

  • The Fulbright Foundation 2007 and 1995
  • The German Marshall Fund of the United States 2008
  • Henry Farmer Foundation


Global Political Economy, International Economics


International economic policy; globalization; development economics

Courses Taught

Global Political Economy, International Economics

Non-Academic Positions

  • United Nations Development Program International Advisor
  • Various projects for the Minister for the European Integration and Finance Minister in Poland
  • Consultant: Ariston International
  • Consultant: Educational program for bankers from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Additional Information

Villanova School of Business, Department of Economics, 1982 – present

In the News Media:

  • 2011 – “Bajka o wodzie”, Polish Daily News, New York, April 15
  • 1996 – “Dyktatura Zysku” – Wprost, June 8.

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