Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark

Chair, Professor

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Bartley Hall Rm 2093
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Phone: (610) 519-4355

Education: BS in Finance MBA in Decision Science and MIS; PhD in Strategic Management, University of Maryland ‘s Smith School


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Honors and Awards

Placed second for Scholarly Achievement Award given by Academy of Management for best paper of the year in HR field; Nominated five times (second in 2001) for McKinsey and Company Best Paper Prize at Strategic Management Society; Winner of Krowe teaching award at University of Maryland


Boards of Directors, Business Education, Decision-making, Corporate Governance, Leadership, Social Capital, Teams


Top Management Teams (TMT) networks, innovation, strategic decision-making, TMT potency, research productivity, nascent leadership

Courses Taught

Policy Formulation (undergraduate and MBA), Strategic Management of Global Organizations (Graduate Business)

Non-Academic Positions

Division Supervisor of Production Scheduling, Bethlehem Steel Corp 2000 -04; Production Line Worker General Motors.

Additional Information

At VSB Since 2001

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