Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor

John A. Murphy Professor of Marketing & Business Law

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Bartley Hall Rm 2053
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Phone: (610) 519-4386


  • BGS, University of Michigan
  • MBA, Michigan State University
  • PhD, Michigan State University


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Honors and Awards

  • Ivan L. Preston Award for Lifetime Outstanding Contribution to Advertising Research (American Academy of Advertising)
  • Flemming Hansen Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Advertising Field (European Academy of Advertising)
  • Villanova University Outstanding Faculty Research Award, 2009
  • Journal of Advertising, Best Paper Award with Michael Capella, 2008
  • Hans B. Thorelli Award for contribution to international marketing
  • Charles Slater Award for contribution to macro-marketing
  • Fulbright Senior Specialist
  • Consortium Faculty, American Marketing Association Marketing and Public Policy Conference
  • Consortium Faculty, Society for Marketing Advances
  • Congressional Testimony on Outdoor Advertising, May 1986
  • Fulbright Senior Specialist.


Advertising; Branding; Consumer Marketing; Marketing; Globalization; International Marketing; International Trade; Public Policy; International Advertising


  • Super Bowl Advertising
  • International Advertising
  • Pharmaceutical Advertising
  • Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising
  • Marketing to Asian Americans
  • Advertising Regulation
  • On-Premise Signs and Billboards
  • Advertising and Financial Performance

Courses Taught

International Marketing, Advertising, Strategic Analysis & Implementation Module II

Non-Academic Positions

  • Consulting:
    • General Motors
    • Philip Morris USA
    • Clear Channel Communications
    • Infinity Broadcasting
    • Eller Media
    • Magic Media
    • Dechert, LLP
    • Jones Day, LLP
    • Sussman Godfrey, L.L.P
    • Zoom Media
  • Featured speaker:
    • European Advertising Academy
    • Korean Advertising Society
    • Asia Pacific Law Students Association
    • International Sign Association
    • Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Transportation Research Board

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