Your Career Opportunities with an Online MSA

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Watch as Villanova faculty outline the demand for skilled analysts and explain why there’s never been a better time to add an online MSA to your resume. Villanova’s MSA faculty predicts a bright future for analytics in business. Learn more about our online MSA to see what it can do for you.

Speakers in the video above include:

  • Stephen Mahar, PhD, MSA, The Richard J. and Barbara Naclerio Scholar in Analytics, Associate Professor, Management & Operations
  • Matthew Liberatore, PhD, John F. Connelly Endowed Chair in Management, Faculty Director, Center for Business Analytics, Professor, Management & Operations


Stephen Mahar, PhD: Technology has been booming and the data that companies have accumulated over the last decade, for many companies, has just been overwhelming. And so what analytics actually does is tries to make some sense out of that data, tries to aggregate that data and use the data to help improve business processes and business making decisions. So, as far as analytics goes, the trajectory of what has happened has just been exponential over the last decade and more companies that had no interest in analytics before, all seemed to be seeing their competitors using their data to understand the wants and needs of their customers. And so if I know my competitors are using this to their competitive advantage, I need to step up and start using the data as well so I can compete with them again in the space.

Matthew Liberatore, PhD: Career opportunities within analytics are explosive and many. What’s happened is that a large number of firms are engaging in big data initiatives, and as part of that process they’re going to need people to analyze the data so that’s going to generate a demand. A recent study done by LinkedIn showed that in 2014 the number one hottest skill was data mining and statistical analysis, A.K.A. analytics. Other studies that have been done looking at a growth of fields–one was done for Fortune 500 firms–and what they found is that analytics organic fields are projected to grow twice the rate of many other fields that are technically oriented. So, in terms of application areas that would mean that there’s going to be and there is an increasing demand for marketing analytics folks because the marketing research function has been transformed into marketing analytics. There’s also going to be a need for operations research folks and that field is very closely aligned with analytics, and that area now is growing as well. There is need for management analysts, financial analysts, so there are range of positions within organizations that are demanding an analytical orientation. And so, the job prospects are many, the job prospects are broad, and it’s an exciting and great field to be in these days.