Why Does Villanova’s MSA Faculty Matter? Because You Do.

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Our online MSA program offers an impressive faculty that is dedicated to your success and available to help you reach your goals. Learn how you can benefit from the connected approach that Villanova’s online MSA Faculty Director, Dr. Stephen Mahar, and his colleagues bring to the program.

Speaker in the video above: Stephen Mahar, PhD, MSA, The Richard J. and Barbara Naclerio Scholar in Analytics, Associate Professor, Management & Operations.


Stephen Mahar, PhD: Why Villanova and why online? We have world class faculty here. Your faculty who are teaching you in the MSA Program are the same faculty that are in our ground-based programs and these are some of the premiere researchers as far as analytics and as far as business operations. And I think all the faculty here really care about their students. I know myself I’m available to my students pretty much 24/7. I’m always online, interacting with my students in the classroom and we have a strong desire to share what we know with our students. The other thing about Villanova, this program is business-focused. The program is out of the business school and so we have a strong focus on applying analytics to solve real world business problems. We want the students to come out of their classes at the end of each week and be able to take what they’re learning that week and apply it to real problems they’re encountering in their businesses today.


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