What you need to know about Villanova’s Online MBA

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Villanova’s online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program can help you build your business knowledge and increase your professional network. Learn more about how you can become part of our worldwide MBA community. Speakers in the video above include:

  • Michael Capella, PhD, Associate Dean, Graduate & Executive Programs
  • Meredith Lockyer, Manager, Graduate Admissions
  • Daniel Wright, PhD, Interim Dean and Associate Professor, Management & Operations


Michael Capella, PhD: One of our motivations really for developing the online MBA Program was to expand our reach so we’ve developed a great reputation in this region and more recently on a national basis and so what we’ve really try to do by having the online format is to allow students that don’t necessarily live in our region have access to a Villanova Graduate Education. Meredith Lockyer: Basically, the online MBA gives students from across the nation and internationally the opportunity to study in the same regard that students on campus get. They get the personal experience from their faculty members and they get the same approach from career services staff that all of our on­ campus students get as well. Daniel Wright, PhD: And one of the things that’s unique about our program is the ability for students to not only interact throughout their courses in a sort of remote setting, but also to give the opportunity to come and meet with their colleagues and their faculty on campus and one of those opportunities is the leadership challenge which serves as a leadership training and also sort of an orientation to the program and then the second one would be the opportunity to do an international immersion. We bring students back in their second year, they come back together to learn about another culture from a business perspective and actually go to that country to learn all of the business culture from that country. Michael Capella, PhD: So, in our first and second semesters we’ve had students from all over the country and when we had our leadership challenge it was great to have those students come to campus and get to meet them and have them get to meet each other. And what we’ve also found is these online MBA students have a great deal of work experience. So, at this point, they’re averaging 10 years of work experience which is even more than what we see in our campus­-based program so we’re delighted about the caliber and the diversity from different industries and different companies that we had in the online MBA. Daniel Wright, PhD: So, part of the community at Villanova in the Villanova School of Business and with our MBA Program and this is whether it’s online or on the ground is the level of student services that we provide – things like career coaching almost the point of helping students expand their network and learn more about themselves from what makes them valuable on the market, but also that community doesn’t stop when you graduate. So, we have a very active alumni base with our MBA students. The online students are part of that community just as the ground students are and so what we feel is that the online opportunity from a program perspective allows us to expand that network to maybe even further geographical reach than what we would have now. Meredith Lockyer: So, one of the biggest benefits of joining Villanova is joining the Villanova MBA alumni network from working on Wall Street to folks in Silicon Valley you’ll be joining a very diverse group of individuals who are more than willing to reach out, tell you about their experience and certainly look for different opportunities for you as well. Daniel Wright, PhD: The Villanova School of Business we believe our biggest rank is our community. That community is built of faculty staff and students a community that is very respectful of one another and really is committed to educating students in a holistic way.

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