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Alicia Strandberg: It’s limitless. If you wanna know something and you have the data, you can find insights. And almost at any skill level. If you like running methods, that’s great. If you are creative and you wanna create a visual of the data, that is a much needed skill. You have to be able to get meaningful information out of that data. With analytics you can do that. There are several different tools that we give you in the program. And by applying them and basically having fun with data, you go in, you create a couple visuals, you get an idea and then it leads you down to more questions. So, when you start with one question, before you answer that question you might encounter other questions.

You have to be smart about it. Just because you have data, doesn’t mean that it’s great and reliable. So, one of the things in the program we will talk about is missing data, evaluating your data, knowing if there’s holes in the data. We’ll talk about structured data. There’s a lot of meaningful information out there that you can get from structured data and a lot of people don’t exactly know how to do that. So, that’s going to be an advantage to our students if they are able to go through and make some type of meaningful inference from a string of Twitter feeds, from comments posted on product reviews and things like that. I can’t think of any industry that is not using data that is not gathering data, that is not willing to benefit, or able to benefit from understanding their data and being able to make better decisions.

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