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Alicia Strandberg, PhD: I think every student is a success story and I realize I might be biased in that. But students come in, some of them know very little about analytics and then you see them in a very short amount of time become a master in this area. There is a quote that I saw going through one of my statistics journals and it said make your students fearless. That is my ultimate goal for my students. I want them to be fearless when it comes to data. I want them to be confident and I want them to be comfortable going through data. I want them to be able to run through an analysis. And most importantly, I want them to know the level of that analysis. Was it a good analysis? Where is the weak parts? How meaningful is it? Just because we run an analysis and get a result, doesn’t mean that that result can be immediately applied.

For those students out there that are on the fence, that are kind of wondering if this is the next move for me, I would encourage them to think about the future of their industry. To think about their future. To kind of ask that question where do you wanna be in five years. Wherever it is that you wanna be in five years professionally, data is gonna have a role in that. I can’t think of any industry that isn’t going to benefit from a good analysis of the data being collected and the data being obtained.

Analytics is based on analyzing data and most importantly how do you make insights and how do you make actionable items. How do you apply that? Our program is focused on the application of analytics. We are not going to teach you theoretical ideals that don’t have an application. We are focusing on how to make better decisions: how to analyze data; how to assess the quality of data; how to learn more with the data that’s available to you.