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Jonathan Doh: The global practicum, I think, is a really unique feature of the online MBA here at Villanova University. It serves, in part, as a capstone experience for students to bring together and to integrate some of what they’ve been studying along the way and do so in the context of a global management course and project. We meet virtually for a number of weeks in a traditional, if you will, online format. Then, we come together physically for an exciting, stimulating trip typically to an emerging or developing economy.

We’ll be going to Hungary and the Czech Republic. We’ll be stopping in Bratislava on the way from Budapest to Prague. We’ll be meeting with businesses, we’ll be exploring the business environment there. And this trip really serves a couple of different purposes. One, it allows the students to apply, to test, to explore some of the models and frameworks and theories that we’ve been working on in the classroom.

It’s also a change for them to come back together as a cohort because they haven’t seen each other physically since the very beginning of the class. And finally, as I said, it’s a way to kind of wrap a lot of their learning together in a really exciting and dynamic setting. So, I think the global practicum emersion trip is a really unique feature of the Villanova online MBA.

I’m fortunate to be the faculty director for the Center for Global Leadership. And that center is really the umbrella for all things global here at the Villanova School of Business. So, we’re kind of the advocate or the champion for a whole range of international business activities that we advance at the undergraduate level, at the graduate level and with our colleagues across the university. So, it’s really kind of an umbrella pushing the global agenda for the business school, but always with a focus on ethics, responsibility and responsible leadership.

The trip that we undertake as part of the global practicum is very much driven by the same values and the same commitment that the Center for Global Leadership is advancing the business school overall and it’s those experiences that we bring to the global practicum class and that we bring to the on the ground trip that we conduct with the students.


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