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Steve Andriole: So in terms of faculty, we’re there all the time. So, you can email, you can call, we share our phone numbers, so you can actually set up a phone conversation if you want. If you wanna use the same tool, you can set up a video conference with a professor. So, in effect, you can have office hours.

I frequently talk to the students by phone, during the day, unrelated to when they’re supposed to be posting. Remember though, the beauty of this is, that asynchronous learning is any time any place. So, we’re always accessible. All you have to do is email and say would you mind taking a call? And we do it all the time.

Jonathan Doh: So, I think one important and distinguishing feature of the Villanova online MBA is that we really create this intimate, close, personalized set of relationships among the students, between the students and faculty and between the students and administrators. And so, we have constant ongoing communication with the students. It is virtual communication, but it is as frequent and as intensive as we do with the on the ground students.

Steve Andriole: I have students who are continuously communicating with everyone. They are pulling more out of the content and the discussions and out of me, as a faculty member, than maybe 10 or 20 face to face students who often tend to sit there and not ask questions for the entire semester. So, as soon as you start going beyond, for example, the discussion points to start suggesting what’s happening at your workplace – hey what about this, and you start giving an example, telling a story, other people chime in, professor chimes in. And it just takes on a life of its own.

So, for example, someone can think about something long after the discussion time when we’re pretty much expected to share ideas, 3:00 in the morning you can quickly even post something and get a response ‘cause likely somebody else is up, maybe a different geographic location at 3:00 in the morning, or maybe even myself. So, seriously, if you wanna fully immerse, you can learn a lot more.

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