Villanova Online MSA Student Spotlight: Sarah Burgos

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In a short question-and-answer session, we asked MSA student, Sarah Burgos, about the value of earning her MSA online at Villanova, and her path ahead as an analyst:

Q: What’s your professional background?A: Seven years as a business and planning analyst for Boeing’s Military Aircraft division, Financial Operations.

Q: Why is data important to your job?A: It’s everything we do. From engineering to the factory, we track cost and schedules daily, weekly and quarterly … we share financial information and analysis with our customers, our shareholders and the government on a regular basis. Without data, none of this is possible. Delivering an aircraft on time to the warfront takes more than wrenches, it takes data.

Q: Why did you choose to pursue the MSA Degree? A: I started with the Villanova MBA program, and although it was a great program, I had no intention of becoming a manager. Being an analyst is my passion and when I was asked to manage a multi-billion dollar program I knew I had to take my analytics knowledge and skills to new heights. I jumped into the MSA program as soon as I learned of its recent launch, and I am happy that I did.

Q: How has your experience been in the MSA program so far?A: It’s been great. After years of in-person coursework, this online experience was my first and I am impressed. As a business undergrad, most of my courses focused on theory, accounting, marketing, finance, economics, etc. But, upon finishing my first course in the MSA program, I felt I had learned how to do something I had never done before. For example, after my first semester, I was able to write SQL code. I mean that is pretty cool!

Q: How are you applying what you’ve learned in the MSA program?A: Since starting the degree, I’ve realized things at my company I never noticed before. And, after using an Excel add-in called @Risk in one class, I actually suggested incorporating this into a training course at Boeing. In addition, the new versions of Excel have PowerPivot which uses primary and foreign keys to connect data, and thanks to my new SQL coding skills, I know how to build relationships and keys to connect the data myself. It’s been amazing to see how much of this is actually coming to life in my career in just one semester.

Q: How are you planning to use your MSA degree in the future? A: I have learned so much in my career, but in this new environment where our government needs more for less, the Villanova MSA program will give me the knowledge I need to take my career to the next level and help my company and my customers.

Q: Anything else you’d like potential students considering the program to know?A: You will not be disappointed. The online MSA at Villanova is intense but you will learn more than you have in any other program, and be able to walk away with practical knowledge and skills, not just theory.

Join students like Sarah in the quest to translate data into actionable intelligence. Call an enrollment advisor at 1-866-803-0920 with any questions about the online MSA program. In just 24 months, you can earn a fully online MSA degree to help you use data to benefit your career and improve the way businesses and organizations operate.

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