Villanova Online MSA Student Spotlight: Arup Das

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We recently spoke with Alphaserve Technologies CEO and Villanova online MSA student Arup Das about his motivation for pursuing the Masters of Science in Analytics degree and how his education has already paid dividends on the job. With more than 200 employees and offices in the U.S., Europe and India, Alphaserve provides IT services to asset managers, law firms, bio-pharma and global multinationals.

Q: Why is data important to your job? A: My current business utilizes data analytics in various areas to gain a competitive advantage.

Q: Why did you choose to pursue the MSA degree? A: I wanted to build on my industry experience. I knew Villanova could help me strengthen my foundational knowledge and benchmark my understanding of the world of analytics.

Q: How would you describe your experience in the Villanova MSA program? A: The program has been excellent, given the world-class faculty and the depth of the topics covered.

Q: How are you applying what you’ve learned in the Villanova MSA program? A: I’m already using concepts I’ve learned in the program in various areas of my company. For example, we now analyze our sales, customer profile and service profitability per client to cluster our customers into different categories. Our operational managers also utilize data analytics to streamline operations and build on-demand agile capacity models.

Q: How are you planning to use your MSA degree in the future? A: I want to develop new practices within my organization around analytics. I also intend to use my training to become a data scientist.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like potential online MSA students to know? A: This is a great program for gathering a deeper understanding of the emerging field of big data, as well as the Internet and analytics.

Das is the latest in a line of Villanova MSA success stories — and you could be the next. Call an enrollment advisor at 1-866-803-0920 with any questions about Villanova’s online Master of Science in Analytics program. In as few as 20 months, you can earn an empowering MSA degree in a flexible online setting.