Villanova Online MSA- Student Experience

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Nathan Coates: I’m Nathan Coates. I’m a student here with the masters of science and analytics program at the Villanova School of Business. I chose to enter Villanova because first I looked at a bunch of different programs. One of the criteria was I needed completely 100% online program, which Villanova offers. In addition to that, Villanova has a strong reputation for its business school in terms of the networking, the students and I know an alum from Villanova and was given a very positive recommendation. In networking opportunities in the MSA program start from the beginning. The introductory course has people working in groups, so immediately exposed to your fellow students, which is great because you make connections there that last throughout the program. In addition, there’s networking with the professors. One professor, one of my favorite professors, said when you take my class, you then have, for as long as I’m alive, the right to email me, to call me and I’m gonna help you as much as I can and that’s great. I’m glad to talk about the caliber of the professors here. They’re experienced and knowledgeable. Not only that, they have a nice mix of academics and people who teach the MSA courses who are currently working in the industry. So, what that creates is great balance between people who are up on the latest research and theoretical side of analytics, as well as practitioners who are seeing how it’s being applied in business, which I think creates a great balance. The MSA program is a serious commitment. The rigor is high. But the good news is that all the material is accessible. If you put in the time to read it, if you participate in the online functions, you’re gonna be able to do anything that’s put in front of you with the support of the professors.

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