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Stephen: I’m part of the admissions team and, we – we’re looking for people who quantitative aptitude and you can show that in a number of different ways.  My guess is that the split of students entering the program, probably a third of them are coming from business backgrounds, a third from kind of technical quantitative backgrounds like engineering, mathematics and then probably the other third coming from just a variety of different areas so it could be psychiatry, it could be health care, nursing.  It could be from history but people who really understand analytics and have an idea of what some different, techniques in analytics could do for them in their particular areas.  And a lot of that comes across in essays but we want to make sure that people who are admitted to the program can succeed in the program so we’re looking at some evidence of quantitative aptitude.  Some people have that on their transcripts by different math courses that they’ve taken, some people if you don’t have that take the GMAT or GRE to kind of show that technical ability.  You can convey that technical aptitude in a variety of different ways.  We just want to make sure once you’re in the program that you’re going to be successful.

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