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Bret: I’m someone who likes to make myself available as much as I can.  I do teach a lot of classes because I’m live here onsite, teaching live classes on campus with our undergraduate students a lot during the Monday through Friday working week but I’m carrying a smartphone around, I’m periodically going back to my office, checking e-mails, so I’m constantly in tune with are there any questions coming in from these students so I want that relationship to, be ongoing throughout the week, that the students feel like they can contact me and, if at times the e-mail can’t suffice because there needs to be more of a fluid conversation, I’m always available by phone or I also take advantage of, for example, a Zoom Chat technology where, we can live videocam, share screens and get to a solution that way.  So I really want the online student to feel like they have the same or even a better, relationship than if we’re just doing the traditional live classroom.  Because there’s – I guess the reason why that could happen in an online setting is that we’re maybe more open to every single mode of communication that there is out there to make this work.

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