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Bret:  I think when it comes to new technologies, to start with, I think it’s always a bit overwhelming at first and I think you just have to, first take some baby steps but it’s just – I always assimilate it to learning a foreign language, you want to start with the basics but you have to, constantly be immersed in that language.  And so, for example, in the course in R that I teach, I want that course to be very interactive.  I want them to get a lot of practice, get a lot of repetition, get in and outside of their comfort zone which is again kind of what happens in a foreign language learning situation – the best way you learn is to go to a country that speaks that language and so the more that you can, sort of put yourselves in situations using that new technology, the better you’re going to learn it and I think along with that you sort of learn the processes associated with it.  Those processes could be processes that have to do with the application area that you’re looking to apply the tool or it could be sort of part of the technology itself.  So, you know, depending on, on which way you go.

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