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Stephen:  Each of the MSA courses, has asynchronous and synchronous content.  Asynchronous content is posted online to give students the flexibility to kind of work through the material at their own pace throughout the course of the week.  But at one point during the week in each one of the MSA courses there’s a synchronous component.  In the intro course I hold a synchronous chat session every Thursday evening so I have my webcam turned on, students have their webcams, their mics turned on and sometimes it’s like a virtual office hours where, we’re just working through a problem together and they’re able to come in with different questions, comments, concerns as they’re working through the same problem I’m working through on my desktop on their own computers.  We understand how everyone in the program is working full-time and everyone’s trying to balance their – their work, their family and the online education.  And so we’re available maybe not 24/7 but pretty close and so I’m always on – I’m always online, pretty much checking my e-mail from first thing in the morning until the time I go to bed and, if we can’t – some, for some people they would rather have a Skype kind of call or, maybe do some web conferencing with, a blackboard collaborate – they just e-mail me or give me a phone call and then we’ll set up a time when we can kind of, have those virtual and chat questions one-on-one.

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