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Bret:  What I’m noticing about Data Science today is first of all, it – that term right there is just gaining so much popularity.  and I think it also kind of coincides with this movement in open source tools and I think R, having the course in R, is a response to that.  Where maybe traditionally we’re using more proprietary software solutions, I think part of the Data Science community in direction is to leverage the open source tools which usually involves programming.  What students are going to get in this program, at least get a course that focuses on programming and so, you know, maybe you decide to – to really try to advance in R or you’ve got enough foundation in programming where you feel like, there’s Python, for example, another programming language that seems to be popular in Data Science that you can also, more comfortably transition to that as well.  So, again, it’s another example, of how we’re trying to be, as kind of practical and relevant to what’s going on today, the sort of path of Data Science focus.

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