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Bret: I’m Professor Bret Myers.  I’m Assistant Professor of Management and Operations here at Villanova.  I teach combination of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, operations management, analytics – those are my specialty areas.  I recently have got involved with the MSA program here.  I teach a course in R, a kind of a foundations course, and I also contribute to an advanced applications course where I talk about the field of sports analytics and go through specific applications.  It’s a special course – I think it’s great that we decided to start in this program.  It’s a representation of how we try to listen to the voice of the student and try to make sure that we can, match their expectations or even exceed their expectations of what they’re looking for in the program.  So one of the things we noticed in getting feedback was that, students wanted more and more R.  They were using it in some elective, you know, in more advanced courses but we need to try to make sure we provide that to them in the beginning so it was, you know, the idea of the program director to have this course and it looked for faculty that had experience using the software.  I had some experience as – as a graduate student myself and also with, consulting work I do and some research – I’ve used R in the past so I took it upon myself.  I gladly accepted the offer to take on the challenge and here I find myself, right now in my first session, teaching multiple sections of, kind of fundamentals in R programming to the students.

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