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Jonathan Doh: So, I think there are three important distinguishing elements of the online MBA at Villanova and they’re related. They’re kind of mutually reinforcing. The first is the academic reputation of the university and the business school overall. We really have achieved a national and international reputation in the college of liberal arts and sciences and engineering and nursing and law, but especially in the business school and we see this in the many rankings and ratings when we come up in a very, very strong position. That, in turn, carries over to the quality of the faculty. Our faculty are experienced, dedicated teacher scholars and they bring that dedication to the classroom. We have the same faculty teaching an online MBA as we do in our regular MBA. And as I say, they’ve really brought that student centered focus. And then the third and related point is being part of the Villanova community. We like to think we have a very special ethos here at Villanova that involves service, corporate responsibility and also creating strong bonds between and among students, faculty and our external stakeholders, including employers. And I think those three elements really distinguish the Villanova online MBA.

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