Villanova Online MBA Student Spotlight: Nicole Young

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In a short question-and-answer session, we asked Nicole about the value of earning her MBA online at Villanova:

Q: What’s your professional background?A: I am a federal contract professional for a large international engineering and project management firm. My role is to manage client relations, ensure federal contract compliance, develop cost proposals and enhance business development efforts for an $800M federal program. I specialize in identifying and effectively communicating solutions to complex, time-critical issues for contracts, legal, tax, risk management and business development. My accomplishments are not just professional: I am also a proud mother of three and a military spouse of 16 years.

Q: Why did you choose to pursue an MBA degree?A: My career has grown due to hard work and my ability to learn business strategies and implement them effectively. Starting my career with an English degree from Penn State University required I quickly learn the business and financial aspects of my job. But self-taught business skills only take you so far. I needed a strong academic foundation to continue to advance my career. An MBA degree will provide the skills and knowledge I need to succeed.

Q: Why did you choose Villanova for your MBA Degree? A: The Villanova School of Business is consistently rated as one of the best in the country and is recognized internationally for high-quality education and ethics. Unlike other online MBA programs, Villanova does not water down the online program, but instead elevates it to match the curriculum and quality of the on-campus MBA. After significant research, Villanova set itself apart with its focus on cultivating future business leaders by offering a quality education. With a Villanova MBA, you receive the real life business skills that will take your career to a new level.

Q: How has your experience been in the online MBA program so far?A: The online experience has been remarkable. In addition to gaining new business knowledge and skills, I have a new understanding of my own potential. The faculty genuinely cares about the students. They have expertly guided me through often seemingly impossible tasks to achieve successful results. The coursework has taught me skills that are immediately applicable to my everyday work environment. On a whole, the online MBA program has exceeded my expectations.

Q: How was your experience with the Villanova Leadership Challenge campus residency? A: The Leadership Challenge was a unique and valuable experience. The live simulations and team focus provided a realistic learning environment. The most valuable task for me was the networking assignment which required self-evaluation of my own job role. This one exercise helped me discover that my own perspective was holding me back which enabled me to devise a strategy to correct this trend.  As a result, I have already identified several new growth opportunities that could result in a new, dynamic role.

Q: How are you applying what you’ve learned in the MBA program?A: I have been able to apply my financial report analysis and corporate revenue calculation skills directly to a recent evaluation of several new business opportunities. In addition, the networking skills, as taught during the Villanova Leadership Challenge, have helped me leverage relationships with key internal stakeholders to achieve both personal and business goals.

Q: How are you planning to use your MBA degree in the future?A: The MBA is the catalyst for me to break through the ceiling on my current role. The knowledge I gain, as well as the widely recognized quality of the institution, will open doors that would have otherwise remained closed to me.

Q: Anything else you’d like potential students considering the program to know?A: Villanova is unique in many ways, but for me, it is the willingness of the admissions team to look at a candidate’s potential in the admissions process that truly sets them apart. Most programs see only black and white pre-requisites for entry, but Villanova was able to holistic review my candidacy and evaluate my potential based on the strength of several different aspects of my application. As a result, I have the amazing opportunity to not just grow my career and learn new skills, but to prove to myself that I can do this. I can be more, I can excel, and that label of “potential” I have carried for so long can finally be realized.

Join students like Nicole and you can complete your MBA degree online in as few as 24 months. Call an enrollment advisor at 1-866-803-0713 with any questions about the online MBA program.

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