Villanova Online MBA- Caliber of Students

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Jonathan Doh: I’ve been very impressed with the caliber of students. I see the dedication they bring to the program. I see it in the quality of the work they do. I see it in these weekly synchronous sessions where they bring really their best game to the discussions and the engagement. Matthew Salvagio: So, the quality of the peer base is as high as the quality of the professor base, and that’s an equally important opportunity when you’re looking at a graduate program to be able to find that. You wanna be challenged not only by the professors in the coursework, but also by your peers, to be better, to think differently, and to learn from the experience they’ve had in other organizations. Jonathan Doh: In terms of the caliber of students, in some ways, one of the things that I’ve really appreciated is the veterans, the military veterans in our group, or the active military personnel. I think they bring an interesting perspective, especially when it comes to global affairs. Steve Andriole: So you’re going to have people located all over the country and perhaps all over the world talking about manufacturing, distribution and supply chain within industries like automotive, financial services or retail. They’re sharing all those experiences with the students and they’re getting, I believe, much more diverse perspectives than they would in a classroom, which when you get into the online world, nothing is limited.

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