Villanova Online MBA- Ann Nikolaus Student Experience

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Ann Nikolaus: So I plan to put this MBA to really good use in my current role, or at least my current company. I love my firm and there is room for growth. A lot of my colleagues have their MBAs, which is encouragement to me and I often talk with them about their experiences and how we can apply it to our firm. But I really believe that this MBA that I’ll be receiving pretty soon will be able to arm me with confidence and the knowledge needed to pursue further professional advancement. I can share the overwhelmingly warm and incredible community that Villanova is. It’s known as an alumni community. I think once you’re a Wildcat you’re always a Wildcat. We’re based on amazing Augustinian values that I think really transcend any type of demographic and it’s just a welcoming vibe. And if you want that experience, I think you can still get it through an online platform and it can only enrich your life, which it has mine, and I would highly recommend it.

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