Villanova Online MBA- A Passion for Teaching

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Whether on­ campus or online, there’s one thing that remains consistent at Villanova, and that’s a passion for teaching. VSB is a community of scholars who provide exceptional business training and prepare students to become contributing, ethical members of society. With 90 percent holding the highest degree in their discipline, our elite faculty are nationally recognized thought leaders. Speakers in the video above include:

  • Michael Capella, PhD, Associate Dean, Graduate & Executive Programs
  • Daniel Wright, PhD, Professor and Director, Center for Business Analytics Villanova School of Business



Michael Capella, PhD: The culture of Villanova is really about having a passion for teaching. So, the faculty that are attracted to the institution are those scholars that really want to be in the classroom and really have a passion for a high quality of teaching and that also translates into the caliber of student that we’re able to attract. So, you have great students in the classroom, you have dedicated faculty that are experts in their field and you have a collaborative learning environment that really breeds a lot of collaboration and so you learn as much from the faculty as you do from your colleagues in the classroom. So, there’s a lot of positive energy that takes place in the classroom and we feel like it’s one of the things that is really unique and differentiates us from other programs. Daniel Wright, PhD: And what we’re really looking for is not only a faculty member who has the ability from pedagogical perspective and from a research perspective, but someone who embraces the delivery method of the technology in serving the students. Michael Capella, PhD: We work to find our best faculty and actually approach them ask them if they would be willing to teach in the program and what we’re really looking for is those faculty with a great deal of experience, really our best faculty, are tenured faculty that really know and understand what it takes to deliver a high quality education and I think one of the great things about our faculty in the online program is they understand the needs of working professionals so they understand that you have a busy life and you need flexibility and that’s why they’re able to deliver the content in a way that is suitable to a working professional and is manageable and can be delivered in a timely manner so that you can get as much out of the program as you would if you were on campus.

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