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From the IRS and U.S. Department of Treasury to the highest levels of academia and the private sector, Villanova Graduate Tax faculty members bring expertise to the classroom that’s deeply rooted in service and scholarship.

Leslie Book, Professor of Law


Leslie Book: One of the real hallmarks of Villanova Graduate Tax Program is the excellence of the faculty and we have full time faculty that has succeeded at the highest levels of private sector and public sector at Government and IRS and Department of Treasury. We have faculty who practice at the highest level in the private sector at accounting firms and law firms as well as faculty that has been really inmeshed in the academy and thinking about best practices in terms of teaching and scholarship. Our faculty is often times nationally recognized. Just in the last two years, we have had one faculty member win an award for his Pro Bono Service recognized by the American Bar Association. Another member of our faculty was one of the key witnesses in testimony last year relating to Apple and its international tax planning. So, faculty is often times referred to by media. Faculty’s scholarship and engagement with the bar and the profession is something that we bring to the classrooms.

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Villanova Graduate Tax Program Faculty