What You Need to Know About Villanova’s Online MSA

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Want to tap into the minds of industry leaders? Partner with businesses, solve real problems and gain experience? Learn more about how you can immerse yourself in analytics and use your knowledge in the business world.

Speakers in the video above include:

  • Matthew Liberatore, PhD, John F. Connelly Endowed Chair in Management, Faculty Director, Center for Business Analytics, Professor, Management & Operations
  • Stephen Mahar, PhD, MSA, The Richard J. and Barbara Naclerio Scholar in Analytics, Associate Professor, Management & Operations


Matthew Liberatore, PhD: The main distinctive feature of the Villanova MSA is that the program was developed from the ground up. We did not use any existing courses and we had a group of faculty associates from all the different departments within the Villanova School of Business as well as from departments of computing science, mathematics and statistics from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that participated in this venture. The idea of this program is to really foster and develop the analytics skills of the students.

Stephen Mahar, PhD: Not everyone is coming in with an analytics background. They just all have this analytics aptitude, strong desire to learn about how analytics can be used to solve business problems in different areas. And so we give them in their first semester a very strong foundation in analytics and then their next three semesters in the program, we’re building on that base as far as data management and business intelligence, data mining and then advanced decision modeling. And the thing that makes our program very unique is everything culminates in a practicum project. And so you take this kind of a toolkit that you’ve developed in your first four semesters in the program and you’re applying all of these different skill sets to a real world problem as you partner with a business that’s actually trying to solve this problem.

Matthew Liberatore, PhD: Villanova School of Business has an excellent world recognized teaching faculty. When we designed the program we worked together as a unit which kind of demonstrates how much interest and passion we have for this particular program. We’ve traded information, we’ve worked together, we’ve collaborated and we really thrashed out what, as a group, we believe is the best combination of material that should comprise an MSA. So, there is a passion for analytics and we’ve been able to instill that through all the students at all levels within the school.

Stephen Mahar, PhD: The MSA Program of Villanova has world class faculty teaching the courses. They have a comprehensive curriculum that takes students through the entire business analytics process. We offer a flexible online format for the degree and dedicated career services for the graduate population. The courses are also taught all out of the business school and so again this practical focus we’re going to give the students a strong skill set with analytics techniques and then they’re going to apply those to solve real business problems.

Matthew Liberatore, PhD: The reason you should come to Villanova for an online degree is that we have custom designed the program to meet the current needs of the state-of-the-art program for business analytics. Villanova also is offering a program that’s being staffed primarily by full-time teaching professionals so you’ll have a very strong educational process.


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