Online MBA Global Immersion to Prague

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Chelsea Scullin, Villanova Online MBA student, shares her experience with the global practicum immersion trip to Prague and the benefits of the program.


Interviewer: Tell us your experiences so far with the immersion trip of the online global practicum.

Chelsea Scullin: It’s been fabulous. First and foremost, it’s been amazing being able to spend time in person with all my classmates with the MBA program. But most importantly, just the cultural immersion from being in Budapest, Bratislava, and now the beautiful city of Prague.

Interviewer: Anything else you’d like to say to other that might be considering the online MBA at Villanova?

Chelsea Scullin: I would 150% recommend it. Not only can you do it on your own time and there’s a lot of flexibility, but also you really get to network with people all over the country. We’ve got friends here from L.A., from New York, from Connecticut, so it’s really been a fabulous experience.

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