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Interested in seeing what the online course experience is like here at Villanova? Let’s take a look at one of the online courses and explore the types of interactions you will have as part of the online MBA or MSA program. The course menu that you see here will guide your course experience. It provides links to pages with the detailed information. Courses are available one week before they officially start, so you can learn about your course, access your syllabus, which provides a detailed weekly schedule, and get to know your faculty member. Your faculty are the same faculty that teach on campus. They are dedicated to their courses. This means that they develop the course, consistently revise it, and also teach it. They are completely immersed in their course discipline, and deeply care about the success of their students. Faculty are truly at the core of Villanova’s vibrant academic community. They are innovative and engaged classroom teachers, and among the most respected academic leaders in their fields. Students work directly with them, building strong relationships and engaging in collaborative research.

Once your course officially starts, you will gain access to the weekly learning modules. Learning modules are made up of specific activities that you will need to accomplish each week. The module objectives clearly communicate what you should be able to achieve. Faculty prepare custom pre-recorded lectures for their courses. These lectures are broken into short videos to make you feel like you are in a live classroom setting, while allowing learners like you to digest the information in segments and take breaks as needed. Faculty recognize that online graduate students work full-time and have many responsibilities in addition to acquiring their degree.

It’s important to point out that these lecture recordings also include closed captions as well as a supplemental transcript. Overall, making courses accessible to all students is of huge importance to Villanova, and these are just two examples that support that effort. Live sessions are a once a week Zoom classroom meeting, where you will be able to interact live with your faculty member and peers. Attendance is encouraged but not mandatory, and all sessions are recorded so you can watch the recording whenever you have time. Weekly readings vary, depending on your course. These can be articles, textbooks, or Harvard Business Review course packs. Digital copies are always accepted, and through a university initiative called the Affordable Materials Project, students occasionally receive free digital access to their required textbook.

There are several types of assessments that you will encounter. These vary from individual written papers, journals, discussion board posts, group work projects, and exams. Group work projects are a great opportunity to get to know your peers and work on a real life, on the job type scenario. Group work meetings are usually held through Zoom, and all students are provided Zoom Pro accounts upon enrollment. We know our students work hard, and our faculty match that effort by providing grades as soon as possible. Depending on the type of assessment, grades may become available instantly. Visibility to progress can be found under My Grades. At the core of the online MBA and MSA programs is a dedication to community. Villanova is a closely-connected academic community, grounded in the Augustinians intellectual tradition with a personalized and supportive learning environment. The curriculum itself is based on direct and continued feedback from alumni, current students, corporate leaders, and subject matter experts, resulting in exceptional courses that are relevant and current. These student testimonials speak to the adoration for which they felt for their program, peers and faculty.

We hope that this online course demonstration has piqued your interest, and we look forward to hearing more from you as you consider taking the next step in furthering your education.