Villanova Online MBA Student Spotlight: Frank Kuylen

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U.S. Army officer Frank Kuylen sought a way to prepare for his post-military career and found his footing in Villanova’s online MBA program. We asked Frank to share insights about his experience earning an MBA online.

What’s your professional background? I am an accomplished military officer in the United States Army with more than 18 years of experience as a leader. I have a proven background in governmental affairs, personnel management, acquisition, contracting, logistics, planning, communications and finance.

Why did you choose to pursue an MBA degree? I wanted to broaden my knowledge to prepare for career advancement outside of the military. I decided to pursue an MBA to enhance my knowledge of the private sector and develop a deeper understanding of business strategies compared to the military way of operation. Furthermore, education is invaluable and helps me maintain a competitive edge.

Why did you choose Villanova for your MBA degree? Villanova has always had a reputation as one of the best business schools, so it was an honor to be accepted into the program. Upon earning my degree, I will be proud to be a Villanova alumnus, and, I hope my efforts will encourage my children to pursue education at Villanova.

How is your experience in the online MBA program? It has been enlightening. Villanova ensures that the education provided is top-notch. Most of my education up to this point had been classroom-based. However, in this changing world where students can’t always find time to spend in the classroom, online degrees open the doors of education without sacrificing your career or family life. Villanova’s Online MBA program is comprehensive and supportive to its students.

How was your experience with the Villanova Leadership Challenge campus residency? It was ideal to have a weekend with my peers and have time to share our different experiences. It gave us a sense of camaraderie, and we were able to network and get a better understanding of each other. I was selected by peers to earn the leadership award, which made me more self-aware as a leader.

How are you applying what you’ve learned in the MBA program? It changed how I view military operation, offering different perspectives I can use to enhance current systems and managerial processes. It’s also given me new ideas and strategies to improve my work performance.

How are you planning to use your MBA in the future? When I retire from the Army, I’ll leverage the degree to pursue new interests in San Antonio. I feel like I have unlimited possibilities.

Anything else you’d like potential students considering the program to know? Be prepared for hard work, but also be prepared to reap the benefits of a fine education from a world-class institution. Villanova will speak volumes before you utter a word in job interviews. Pursue your dreams and ensure you aim high.

Join students like Frank and you can complete your MBA degree online in as few as 24 months. Call an enrollment advisor at 1-866-803-0713 with any questions about Villanova’s online MBA program.