Five reasons to attend Villanova’s MSA program

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Leaders and employees in a variety of industries have seen the massive impact of big data and analytics. Organizations use the insights gleaned from quantitative information to optimize processes, better serve consumers and make wise investments for future growth. The explosion of opportunities in business analytics has many people interested in seeking the advanced education that will allow them to build successful careers.

To make the most of these possibilities, it’s vital for big-data professionals to have the latest knowledge that comes with the prestigious credentials. The online Master of Science in Analytics at Villanova University provides the necessary background to command big data and move toward your goals. Graduates are analytics experts who know how to turn data into understandable and actionable intelligence, thanks to an education that fulfills today’s business needs while anticipating the challenges ahead.

1. Learn from an advanced, skills-based curriculum

With cloud storage readily available, it has become practical for organizations to collect tremendous quantities of information about every aspect of how they operate. However, gaining value from what they gather requires the right strategies for managing, analyzing, disseminating and acting on those findings. Highly trained analytics experts are now essential to planning in an increasingly data-driven world.

To meet this growing demand, Villanova School of Business offers an extensive grounding in the sophisticated tools and techniques necessary for working with big data. Students gain a deep understanding of how to organize and mine complex bodies of quantitative information, putting what they discover into action by solving practical business problems. With the constantly shifting demands of global business and ongoing advancements in software, hands-on and state-of-the-art training is a must for analytics professionals.

2. Work with faculty at the top of the field

It takes exceptional educators to prepare students for making their mark in a rapidly transforming global economy. The faculty at Villanova School of Business are not just great teachers, but also experts who are shaping how industry leaders think about data, computer science, statistics and mathematics.

These scholars are widely published in both prestigious journals and business publications for general audiences, having worked at top organizations in a range of fields. Students benefit from personal attention and guidance as they make their way through courses. Online classes that include an average of 20 students per section ensure ample opportunities to collaborate with world-class faculty.

3. Complete a program optimized to meet the needs of professionals

Online programs make it possible to undertake an advanced education that suits your unique schedule and responsibilities. At Villanova University, planning for your classes is simple, with each semester split into two terms during which students can take one or two courses. You can customize your plan as necessary and complete an online master’s in business analytics in as few as 24 months.

4. Seize networking opportunities

Meeting people with similar interests and goals is an important part of higher education. Forming connections with talented, driven individuals often leads to exciting opportunities down the line.

As Daniel Wright, PhD, Vice Dean of the Villanova School of Business noted, forming a community is just as important in online education as on-campus classes. By the time students graduate from the Villanova University data analytics master’s program, they have numerous chances to work with other students. A combination of asynchronous assignments and synchronous meetings encourages students to work together and share what they’ve learned, teaming up to solve challenging problems and create lasting bonds.

5. Gain real business analytics experience

In addition to class assignments that address some of the most pressing questions facing organizations today, the analytics master’s program lets students try out what they’ve learned under real-world conditions. In a capstone project, VSB students put to work the analytics skills they’ve developed by partnering with a company to solve the problems big-data specialists confront every day. By the end of this project, graduates go forth with the abilities, experience and confidence they need to harness insights from quantitative information and strategize for a fast-paced world of business.

Students graduate from Villanova with the power of what they’ve learned about big-data techniques, but also the advantage of a credential from an institution that’s internationally recognized for excellence. They can go on to highly rewarding careers in a broad range of data-driven fields like computer and information systems management, credit analysis, or logistics. Visit the program page to find out more about what makes a master’s degree in analytics from Villanova University a vital step toward building a future in this exciting and expanding field.



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